Bluetooth Bra Earpiece Spy For Ladies

Bluetooth Bra Earpiece Set

This is latest Bluetooth Bra device for Ladies

Spy Bluetooth Bra
Spy Bluetooth Bra


The new developed Inductive Bluetooth Bra.It is designed for wireless connection to cellphone and secret spy invisible earpiece. It transfers clear mono voice to invisible spy earpiece wirelessly. The Inductive Bluetooth  is build-in amplifier, you could hear loud voice clearly within 15 cm range. It is specially designed for ladies. all bra size available.

Features of Inductive Bluetooth

Multi-Function key and microphone hide under clip.
Wireless connection to earpiece or hearing aid.
Hands-free cell phone communication.
Voice dialing available (need cellphone provider support).
Battery life 6 hours talking time or standby 100 hours.
Build-in rechargeable battery.
Cool blue light indicator but hidden.

Specifications of Inductive Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth handsfree is Nokia
Transmission range: to earpiece < 30cm, to cellphone <10 meter (no impedient)

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