Spy Banyan With Earpiece- No Need Of Cell-Phone

Spy Banyan With Earpiece (No Need Of Mobile Phone)

This is New Technology for Spy ExamOur Spy Banyan are directly connected to Earpiece, no need of any mobile, cell-phone or other devices like Bluetooth.

You need not bring Your Mobile in Examination Hall. Only you have to wear this Spy Banyan then put the Spy Earpiece in your ear. The Spy Earpiece is so small that it is invisible to other person. No one can notice that there is earpiece in your ear. Now you can ready to talk to your partner. This Spy Banyan Provide you the facility to Receive call from your Partner. If there is an incoming call you can receive that call by the use of the key of Baniyan. The High quality microphone helps you to talk.

Spy Bluetooth Banyan
Spy Bluetooth Banyan

You can wear SPY BANYAN WITH EARPIECE just you wear normal. You can wear while being in meeting & the place where Mobile Phone is not allowed and take help from your partner. You can talk to someone smartly without being noticed. It’s high quality microphone gives you very clear voice.

Multi-functional key High quality microphone on the Spy Banyan, Spy invisible Earpiece to hear voice clearly Hands-free cell phone communication device. Battery time: – 6 hours talking time and 60 hours of standby mode Built-in chargeable battery Very attractive look. This consists Automatic Bluetooth function. You need not to connect Bluetooth with any device.

Packet Include:

Spy Baniyan
Spy Earpiece
2 Earpiece Battery

Call for More Information: 9590607243

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