Spy Bluetooth Pen

Spy Bluetooth Pen Earpiece Set

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Spy Bluetooth Pen
Spy Bluetooth Pen

Spy Bluetooth Pen Earpiece Set

We‘re presenting a technological masterpiece – a bluetooth wireless pen with an earpiece. From now on there is no need to hide Bluetooth on your neck under clothes. GSM pen contains both Bluetooth chip and an embedded microphone, besides it still looks like an ordinary pen. What can be simpler?

Using this innovative and irreplaceable GSM pen you can pass every exam, conduct business negotiations coming over your competitors or simply amaze your friends with you wide and deep knowledge, win any game or even cheat casinos and soon! This mobile spy pen features an embedded microphone, helping you to communicate with your party. They listen to you and provide you with the information you requested in the real time, whereas you listen to these replies though an spy earpiece. GSM spy pen allows you to be successful in every way without anybody noticing this.

GSM Spy pen is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled phone, including Apple‘s iPhone and Android‘s phone.

Package Contents:
1x 306 earpiece
1x Bluetooth device with Pen
1x Charger
1x original maxell 337 battery

Call for More Information: 9590607243

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