Spy Bluetooth Pendant

Spy Bluetooth Pendant Earpiece Set:

Product Code: BTSE-014

Availability: In Stock

Spy Bluetooth Pendant
Spy Bluetooth Pendant

Spy Bluetooth Pendant Earpiece Set For Passing Exam

Easy operation, one-touch answering Wireless connection to earpiece or hearing aid Hands-free cell phone communication Small,
lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time Voice dialing available (need cellphone provider support)
Battery life 8 hours talking time or standby 150 hours Build-in rechargeable battery Cool blue light indicator

Bluetooth Pendant size: 2.7×5.9×1.9cm

Bluetooth Pendant color: Black Integrated Microphone: Yes
Bluetooth passward is “0000
Compatibility: Bluetooth 2.0, bluetooth®-equipped phone
Battery life: talking time 8 hours, standby 150hours

Packet Include:

Spy Bluetooth Pendant
Spy Earpiece
2 Earpiece Battery

Call for More Information: 9590607243

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