Spy GSM Box Earpiece

Spy GSM Box Earpiece Set:

No Need Of Cell-Phone

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Spy GSM Box Earpiece
Spy GSM Box Earpiece

Spy Earpiece GSM Box Kit | No Need Of Cell-Phone

The GSM Box kit includes a fantastic newly launched product, the ‘GSM Box’ along with our Standard Earpiece.
One of the great features of the GSM box is the fact that you do not need to carry a mobile phone in order to receive communication via a Spy Earpiece. Simply pop a sim card into the box, ask your colleague to call the Sim and that’s it. The GSM Box will automatically answer the call!

Built in Highly Sensitive 35db Microphone

The GSM Box doubles as a covert listening device. It will easily pick up a conversation for example when placed in a bag or a desk or hidden in a room somewhere. This makes it perfect for monitoring conversations covertly!

Large spy earpiece transmit range

Another great feature about the GSM Box is the extended transmit range (50cm) to earpiece. Place it on a desk and still hear voice prompts clearly via earpiece!

So how does it work?

The Spy Earpiece GSM Box Kit is very easy to use. Firstly pop the provided battery into the Spy Earpiece and put the earpiece in your ear. Put a sim card inside the GSM Box, now your colleague can call the number on the sim card and begin talking to you.


Why do I need it?

The Spy GSM Box Earpiece kit is very useful in scenarios such as the following:

– For Private Investigators wanting to covertly monitor a conversation, and also provide covert voice assistance to an operator (perhaps for checking up on suspected cheating partners!)
– Receive assistance from a third party during interviews/tests
– For Speeches and presentations
– Use as a listening device/security device to monitor audio in a room
Package Contents
1x GSM Box in gift box
1x Standard Earpiece
1x GSM Box Mains Charger/USB Charger
1x Battery – 337 SR416SW

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