Spy GSM ID Card Earpiece

Spy GSM ID Card Earpiece Set

 Spy GSM ID Card

spy gsm box id card
spy gsm box id card



 Spy GSM ID Card

This new Spy GSM ID Card Box is the best and most hidden-designed GSM-BOX in the world, with large volume long distance, 4.5W Amplifier, mini size only 4.5mm – smaller as a Bank/Credit card !

The newly developed spy GSM id card BOX has a built-in dual band GSM module that works in both of Four Band mobile phone networks.
It provides two-way covert communications via mobile phone networks.Spy GSM id Card
Once inserted a GSM SIM card and turning on the power, it will automatically pick-up calls from any mobile phone or telephone.
The powerful inductive coil will create strong signals to drive the earpiece within 60-80cm distance.
It has a 35dB top sensitive microphone that ensures your partner will hear even when whispering, while the GSM BOX is hidden under the clothes.
The GSM BOX has a built-in rechargeable 650mAh battery. It supports more than 3 hours Talking time, or 48 hours Standby time.
Size: 85*50*4.5 mm.
Weight: 30g.

Have you ever got very annoyed & frustrated because large quantities item as IMEI, closes within 20 days, while claiming “the person you called can’t be reached”.
IMEI provides a few cellular phones connected to a GSM network and are stored in a database (EIR – Equipment Identity Register) that contains all valid mobile equipment.
When the GSM-BOX is reported stolen or is not approved – the number will be marked as invalid.
Package Includes:

1x IMEI Unique New 4.5W GSM-ID-Card
1x USB charger cable
1x Spy Earpiece

spy gsm card micro earpice
spy gsm card micro earpice

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