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How Does the Wireless GSM Earpiece Work?

How Does the Wireless GSM Earpiece Work?

If you need to get some help secretly without anybody knowing about that, the best solution is a Spy Gsm Earpiece set. It permits you to establish hidden wireless communication with your partner over a mobile phone. As a result, you can listen to what your partner is saying, and he can perfectly hear your voice. The uniqueness of the spy Gsm set is wireless connection between your cell phone and a Gsm earpiece that is absolutely undetectable and invisible to others!

The spy set consists of:

– Bluetooth transmitter. The transmitter gets connected to your cell phone through Bluetooth. So everything you need is to have a mobile phone with Bluetooth function. The microphone located on the transmitter permits your partner hear everything you say, even whisper. The answer can be clearly heard by you but nobody else. We offer different types of transmitters that look like usual watch, glasses or a cable. Their work time varies from 4 to 6 hours, which is sufficient even for the longest spy exam, test or meeting. Choose the best transmitter for you here.

– Gsm earpiece. Due to its extra small size (0.22×0.22×0.4 inch) and skin color the wireless earpiece can not be seen even at close distance. It has no wires and gets fully hidden inside the ear. We have for you 3 types of Gsm earpieces that differ by size and applied technology: a standard spy gsm earpiece, advanced nano earphone and the smallest in the world digital earpiece. Their work time is about 6-8 hours depending on the type of the ear piece.

To start covert communication you need to make several simple steps:

– Switch on the Bluetooth transmitter. For that press the button on the transmitter and hold it for about 5 seconds untill the light turns on.

– Set up Bluetooth connection between the transmitter and your cell phone. It is made the same way as you establish Bluetooth connection between your and anybody else’s cell phones. For that turn on Bluetooth on your cell phone and search for other devices. Let the two devices get connected.

– Put on the transmitter. If you use a standard covert Bluetooth set, we recommend to put it around your neck and hide under your clothes. If you use Spy Glasses or Watch Set, simply wear it like an ordinary watch or glasses.

– Insert the wireless earpiece into you ear. For that you need to put in the battery inside the earpiece first. Now you can insert the earpiece into the ear – far enough to make it invisible to others. The earpiece has no wires connected to the cell phone of the transmitter, so the connection cannot be seen by others.

– Call to your partner. Finally, before you enter the room make a call to your partner and put the phone into your pocket or bag. You won’t need it anymore.

After you are done you can easily take spy earpiece out from your ear with the help of a specially designed ejection cord. The set is absolutely safe to use!